PowerStar Solar Energy Saver


Solar Garden PH’s PowerStar Solar Energy Saver offloads parts of your energy consumption to the sun, thus, allowing you to save energy.



  • Compatible with most PV module manufactures
  • Easy system expansion
  • Performance analysis module
  • Easily mounts to racks


  • IP Rating: IP65
  • DC input range: 20Vdc – 40Vdc
  • MPPT voltage: 24Vdc – 33Vdc
  • DC MAX current: 15A
  • AC output range: 90Vac to 140Vac or 190Vac to 260Vac
  • Power Factor: >98.5%
  • Protection: Short Circuit Protection, Converse Connection Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection
  • Mounting Dimension: 80cm
  • Idle Power: 1-2w
  • Certification: CE, EN61000-6-3:2007, EN61000-6-1:2007, EN 50178+EN, 62109-1+VDE0126-1-12

Warning: Max PV Panel cannot exceed 46v.


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