GT-SSL 02 Street Light 25w


Go green with our highly efficient IP65 rated PIR solar powered GT-SSL 02. With a total of 48 LED’s and a brightness of 2000 lumens, this outdoor and courtyard light is capable of covering a very wide area. Aluminum alloy and steel glass adds rust resistance and durability.



  • Solar Panel: Polycrystalline silicon (17% more efficient that regular panels)
  • LED Wattage: 20w
  • Battery: Li-ion which technically lasts forever
  • Program: 5 hours 600 lumens followed by 7 hours 300 lumens dim light
  • Sensor: PIR motion sensor enabled, produced 2000 lm of brightness when activated (whenever people are detected nearby)
  • Mounted Height: 3 to 4 meters
  • Dimensions: 808mm x 227mm x 164mm
  • Charge Time: 9 to 10 hours of bright sunlight
  • Lighting Duration: 3 nights
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to 65°C
  • Conforms to CE, ROHS, FCC, BV, BSCI, ISO Certification standards


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